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more choices, better prices!


more choices, better prices!


Wide varieties of Textile, direct from the Mills at transparent prices, all these on your fingertips... Watch to believe CNBC Awaaz Entrepreneur

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Ongoing Sales
Wholesale Direct
Trident Group

Grade Z and L Cotton Towels

  • Apr 14 15 12:39 pm
  • Oct 31 16 17:00 pm
Wholesale Direct
Home Fashion Textiles

Yarn Dyed Patchwork Fabric

  • Apr 14 16 12:41 pm
  • Oct 31 16 17:00 pm
Wholesale Direct
Sapana Polyweave Pvt. Ltd.

Rectangular Indoor / Outdoor Woven PP Mat (Chatai)

  • Apr 12 16 16:52 pm
  • Oct 31 16 17:00 pm
Wholesale Direct
Bluebird Textiles

30 KOTA Dyed PTY

  • Jun 08 16 11:25 am
  • Nov 14 16 17:00 pm




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