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Product ID: Y01715

40/1 Combed Compact Cotton Yarn

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Minimum Qunatity for International Shipping
Fabrics & Denim: 5,000 meters
Towels: 4,000 Pieces
Bed Sheets: 1500 sets
Bed Sheeting Fabric: 5,000 meters
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Presenting a high quality combed compact cotton yarn from fresh running production. These single lots of wholesale raw white yarn are available straight from the mill.


Product: 40's Combed

Color: Raw White

Total Quantity: 10 tons

Grade: 1st

Product Specification 

Actual Count40.0(+/-0.5)
Count Cv%<1.50
Thin(-40)/ Km45
Thin(-50)/ Km1
Imperfections/ Km60
High Sensitive Imperfections/ Km575
Hairiness Index(Ut3)4.1
Rkm Avg.21
Rkm Cv%9%
Elongation Cv%9%


Price inculsive of exclusive VAT/CST, does not include shipping, insurance and transportation cost.

Images are for reference purpose only.


Pricing are expected to change between 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Buyer will have the option to arrange for his own transportation or use XSTOK logistics services.
Dispatch lead time 7 to 10 working days from receipt of full payment.

Terms & Condition:  

  • Wholesale/Auction will be on a no claims basis.
  • It will be the responsibility of the buyer to take the delivery from the plant within 20 days, failing which the EMD shall be forfeited.
  • GST as applicable, all the transportation arrangement and other expenses shall be borne by the buyer.
  • 100% advance payment is mandatory, delivery shall be given only after the amount is credited under “Syntex"
  • All the quantity bought shall be picked up at one go in full.
  • If cancelled, the buyer wont be allowed to take part in any further auctions for any company.
  • Standard website and transaction terms and conditions apply.

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