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Sangam is distinctly known for shepherding a new era in fabrics. The flagship brands 'Sangam Suitings' and 'Sangam Denim' are the most trusted brands of premium textiles in the Country.
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100% Cotton Denim Fabric Rolls

100% cotton denim rolls for sale. These are high quality denim rolls from running sorts for domestic and export. These are rolls in different colours and shades ranging, each roll will be from 30 meters to 130 meters straight from the mill.

  • Composition : 100% cotton
  • Width : 77 cms to 157 cms
  • Ounce Range : 10 oz to 12.75 oz
  • Quantity : 5,000 mtrs

Cotton Poly Lycra Denim Rolls

These are high-end denim that are strong, long-lasting products with unique & new design, These are cotton denim fabrics in shades of indigo and 3/1 RHT weave.

  • Composition : Cotton Poly Lycra