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XSTOK PayLater Card is a simple way to buy on credit upto 1 Crore.
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PayLater is a “Purchase Now, Pay Later” payment option enabled through a line of credit sanctioned to you, for making purchases on You can make multiple purchases within the limit and can enjoy up to 55 days of interest free credit.
PayLater helps you to:
  • Purchase as per your business requirement without having to pay the seller immediately
  • Make payments up to 55 days later without paying any interest while you use funds to manage other business needs.
  • Increase your business working capital by allowing you to purchase more raw materials, supplies and inventory.
  • Repay for purchases based on cash in hand - Pay only 20% of total amount on the initial due date and the rest later at a low interest rate
There are no minimum or hidden charges in using PayLater.
To apply for PayLater, fill out our Instant Application form online (average time taken to complete the form is 10 minutes). Submit your details and upload the required documents:
  • PAN card (yours and business’s)
  • Address proof (Residential and Business)
  • Business Registration proof
Once you submit your application, we will revert back to you with the outcome within no more than 3-4 working days of your submission. On approval of the application, you need to complete the post-sanction documents which explain the terms of PayLater and your line of credit will be activated. You can immediately start purchasing through PayLater on activation of the application!
We assess the application based on the following information:
  • Information in Application form
  • Documents submitted by you
  • Information through other financial institutions.
In case the information doesn’t match or doesn’t fall in our assessment rules, the application will be rejected. For any queries, you can write to us at
We will send you a statement (containing all your transactions for the month) on the 5th of every month. The statement is sent on your registered email, phone number and business address.
The statement will have the following:
  • Details of the invoices for which the payment was done through PayLater option to the seller in the billing cycle
  • Minimum amount and total amount to be paid
  • Repayment due date
  • Repayment mode
  • Account details to which the repayment has to be done
Currently, the repayment amount is accepted through NEFT only.
If you pay minimum amount due i.e., 20% of the total amount due mentioned in the statement, then you are charged 0.1% of interest per day on the outstanding amount from the day when the seller received the amount till the day you pay the amount. If you don’t pay minimum amount, then your account is blocked and you are charged 0.033% of penalty and penal charges based on following table in addition to the above interest, till the due amount is paid off.

Outstanding balance due Penalty Charges
Less than Rs. 10,000 Rs. 500 + Applicable Taxes
10,001 to Rs. 50,000 Rs. 750 + Applicable Taxes
Rs. 50,001 and above Rs. 1,000 + Applicable Taxes
No, there are no hidden charges you have to worry about.
No, there are no minimum purchases required. You can purchase as per your requirement.
You can contact us by writing an email to We will revert back to you at our earliest.
On receiving the information, we will remove the delivery from the statement. In case you still find an issue, you can write to us at in and we will clarify it from the seller.
You can apply for an increase in credit limit by writing to us at and providing the following documents:
  • Bank statement for last 6 months
  • VAT returns of Last 2 quarters
We will assess your profile and will reach out to you with our decision on credit limit. We also auto-upgrade the credit limit based on your spending and repayment behavior. In case of auto-upgrade, we will reach out to you via email and call to confirm the acceptance of the new credit limit.