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Our success is always dependent on the security of our users. At XSTOK, we want you to feel confident and secured in every transaction you have on our portal. Our buyer protection program is hence, designed to provide you with the trust and comfort of transparent and safer Online transactions.

Why Do you need Buyer's Protection?

  • Ordered products don't arrive on time.
  • Products don't match their description.
  • Problems in payment gateway.
  • Difficulty in reaching customer care
Do some of these pitfalls sound familiar to your trading experience?
Don't worry!
We never close
We monitor transactions 24/7. So rest easy — even when you let your guard down, we won’t.
Thus, Buyers Protection Program at XSTOK, as a response to all your trading queries.

Six Fold Protection Plan

Safeguarding you is our priority and in the interest of providing you 100% protection, XSTOK has the following counterparts in its Six fold Protection Plan:
  1. Only Verified Suppliers
    • Thoroughly verified XSTOK suppliers prior to Onboarding.
    • Know Your Customer (KYC) process, for each supplier, to ensure added security and stability.
  2. Guaranteed Availability
    • All products showcased for auctions come with guaranteed availability
    • Products, once listed on the auction platform, cannot be sold by the supplier till the duration of the auction is not complete.
  3. Payment Security
    • Buyer deposits and payments will be done via secured accounts with ICICI/ Kotak bank.
    • Payment is released to the Supplier only after the confirmation of delivery by buyer.
  4. QX Inspection
    • A comprehensive inspection service under the name of QX is available to buyer and supplier.
    • QX inspection is undertaken by experienced XSTOK members or a 3rd party vendor.
    • QX logo is marked in all auctions verified by XSTOK.
    • Suppliers requested inspection is shared with all the buyers.
    • Buyer requested inspection is only shared with that particular buyer.
  5. Insured Shipping
    • XSTOK provides on demand insurance from leading companies, such as ICICI Lombard.
    • XSTOK can manage Varieties of delivery needs all across India.
  6. 7 Days Dispute Resolution
    • In rare occasions, when there are disputes, we offer a definite resolution within a week to all our buyers.
Help us help you have a great trading experience!