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  • What is XSTOK?

    XSTOK is a revolutionary B2B platform that functions as a central marketplace for buying and selling of ready and excess goods, in the textile industry.

  • What can I find on XSTOK?

    Here you will find a wide range of curated and hard to find overstocked products in apparels, home textiles, fabrics and yarns, at competitive prices.

  • Why does XSTOK need registration information?

    Registration is an important step for us to get to know the buyers on the system. Only verified buyers are allowed on the system. We need just basic information on your business and company, with supporting documents, to authenticate you on our portal. Once approved, you will have full access to the platform.

  • Do I need to register to buy on XSTOK?

    Yes, registering on our portal is needed for every buyer.

  • Signup and Registration

  • How do I signup?

    Sign up is a simple process where you have to provide XSTOK with your email id and mobile number. Once that is completed, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your mobile number to complete the sign up process. Thereafter, a verification link will also be sent to your email address, to verify your email account.

  • After sign up, do I become a user on XSTOK? (What are the registration processes? Or What happens after I sign up?)

    XSTOK is a business-to-business (B2B) platform, which verifies all buyers on the platform as legitimate businesses. We have a simple registration process for the buyers. Once the required information is provided, our customer success group will contact you to verify and approve your application.

  • Search Products

  • How do I search products?

    You can easily search products of your choice by searching through the categories and sub categories. The search bar can also be used to find listings on the basis of a product name, its condition and/or supplier name.

  • What condition of products do you offer on XSTOK?

    We work with our suppliers to bring curated, popular and hard-to-find products to our buyers. Our products can be classified into surplus production, canceled orders, ready inventory and as out-of-season, defective or damaged goods. The conditions of products can vary but is clearly detailed and product descriptions are provided to allow buyers to make the best decision.

  • Auction Bidding

  • What is an EMD?

    Earnest Money Deposit (EMD), is a mandatory deposit that buyers pay to participate in various auctions. The amount deposited is placed into an escrow account with ICICI or Kotak Bank. EMD can be redeemed any time, if you are not intending to participate in an auction or if you are not the highest bidder in a participated auction. EMD can also be used to settle balance payments against any auction you have won.

  • How does EMD work?

    When you bid in an auction, the EMD required for that the particular auction is blocked. If you are not the winner, the EMD is redeposited to your account, at the end of the auction. During an auction, if you are not the highest bidder, you have the option to withdraw instantly and have immediately credited. You can use this EMD to bid on other auctions or you can redeem it by requesting an EMD refund. However, during an auction, if you are the highest bidder then you cannot withdraw.

  • How to bid in an auction?

    To participate in an auction, you will need to deposit an EMD. Once your EMD is credited, you can place your bid, by clicking on the "Bid Now" box, on the auction page. When you bid for an auction, the EMD required for that auction is blocked. EMD is returned either at then end of auction or if you withdraw from an auction, as long as you are not the highest bidder. Before you bid, carefully review the auction listing. Once a bid is placed you cannot withdraw if you are the highest bidder.

  • What is Auto Bidding?

    You can use Auto Bidding to have the system automatically bid for you. To use this feature, enter your maximum bid amount (highest bid that you are willing to pay) into the auto bid box. Our system will record your "maximum auto bid" amount and place a bid at the current lowest minimum bid. If another bidder outbids your lowest minimum bid, the system will place another bid on your behalf. The Auto bidding system will continue to make lowest minimum bids on your behalf until it reaches the maximum auto bid limit set by you. Auto bids are completely private and are never displayed to other bidders.

  • What are Golden Minutes?

    When a bid is submitted within the final 2 minutes of an auction, we automatically extend the auction closing time by 2 minutes in order to prevent auction sniping – the practice of placing a bid just as an auction is about to close.

  • What is a 'Buy Now' option?

    In certain auctions, there is an option to buy the products at a 'Buy Now' price, without waiting for the auction to end. This is an added feature provided in certain fast moving and high demand auctions.

  • What is Reserve Price auction?

    Reserve price is a minimum price, which is essentially the lowest price that the supplier is willing to accept for the item. If the listing ends without any offers that meet the reserve price, the supplier is not required to sell the item. At close of auction, highest offer above the reserve price is declared winner. If highest offer is below the reserve price, supplier may still decide to accept the offer within 24 hours. A buyer can increase his offer even if he's the highest bidder. The closer the highest offer is to the Reserve Price, higher are the chances of supplier accepting the offer.

  • How to participate on XSTOK's auctions?

    To participate in an auction, you will need to deposit an EMD. When you bid for an auction, the EMD required for that auction is blocked.

  • Why is there an EMD in the system?

    EMD helps make XSTOK a safer place for all our users. By providing EMD, a buyer can indicate his seriousness towards participating in an auction.

  • Why does the closing time of an auction increase?

    The auction will be extended as many times as necessary, until there are no bids placed in the last 2 minutes of the closing hours. The automatic auction extension benefits buyers because it gives you more time to respond with a new bid.

  • Shipping and Delivery

  • When I win an auction, who will take care of the shipping?

    XSTOK can manage shipping of the products by picking it from the suppliers and dropping it to your door step, but the shipping charges and taxes are borne by you. Once you win an auction, you will be directed to a shipping request page where you can ask for our logistic services, give your shipping address and wait for the shipping quote. We will send you the shipping quote, and if agreeable, will undertake the shipping for you.

  • Can I arrange my own shipping?

    Yes you can manage your own shipping. Once you win an auction, you will be re-directed to the shipping request page, where you can select the shipping 'self' option. After your payment is cleared, you will receive the pick-up location, date and time. When you manage your own shipment, you waive your right to file dispute after you have picked up your goods from the supplier’s location.

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    From the date of receipt of payments, materials will be dispatched within 5 working days.

  • What if my order is damaged in transit?

    We are working with insurance company to provide an transit insurance, charges to be borne by the buyer.

  • What should I do if my order still hasn't arrived?

    Our team at XSTOK will keep you updated on the status of the dispatch. If you need any further details you may get in touch with us on 02266291100.

  • Payments

  • How do I make my payment for an auction or any other services on XSTOK?

    Payments will be made online through the XSTOK platform. We have tied up with ICICI bank and Kotak bank for a business payment gateway, which allows payment through various options such as NEFT, Net Banking, Credit Card and Debit Card. You can see all your outstanding payments through the My Accounts page, with a link to pay. You can also pay through the auction detail page after winning the auction and selecting the shipping option.

  • Can I use my EMD to make payments?

    Yes. You can use the full or partial EMD in your XSTOK account, to settle payments.

  • What is the penalty if I don't make my payment on time?

    You have 3 days after completion of an auction to pay the balance amount. After the 3 days, you will have to forfeit the deposited EMD balance and the seller, by this point, may have re-listed the auction.

  • Resolution Center

  • What to do when you don't receive your item or it's not as described?

    In certain cases if there is a dispute on the delivery or on the received goods, the buyer can raise a ticket with XSTOK. Our dispute resolution team will help resolve the issue within 7 days.

  • Can I return products purchased on XSTOK?

    No. Products once purchased on XSTOK cannot be returned. However, in certain cases, if there is any issue with the products, please raise a ticket. Our dispute resolution team will help solve any issues.

  • What is XSTOK’s issue resolution process?

    XSTOK is a facilitator in the transaction. In case of any disputes, our dispute resolution team will work closely with the buyer, supplier and the transport company (if needed) to resolve the issue within 7 days.

  • Ordering

  • What are the different payment options?

    The different modes of payments are:





  • What is lot size?

    The items are sold in bulk quantities, known as lots. Each lot can include a variety of merchandise of similar categories, in different colors or sizes. Review the lot listing for more details.

  • Can I buy single item?

    No. The products are available as lots of similar category items and each lot contains a specified quantity. The products can be purchased as a lot only and not as individual items.

  • What if an item I've ordered is out of stock?

    Items that are out of stock or on back order, generally become available again within a short time span. If you need more specific information about a product's availability, please contact 02266291100 .
    With out-of-stock items that need to be manufactured, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

  • Is there a required minimum order size?

    No, there isn't a required minimum order size. However, orders in an auction are directly placed in specific quantities and need to be bid for in the same quantity. In the wholesale items as well, the quantity of every listed product is specified.

  • What is XSTOK's return policy?

    You can reach us via email at or by phone at 02266291100 and enquire about the product and the supplier's return policy.

  • What are you online customer service hours?

    Our online customers service hours are from 9:00am to 7:00pm IST, Monday to Friday.

  • Sample Express

  • What is sample express?

    Sample express is a feature of XSTOK that allows you to order samples of various products listed on our portal.

  • How to request for a sample?

    a. Log in to your XSTOK account

    b. Choose category

    c. Select product in category

    d. Click on request sample button

    e. Fill details in the form and click on Confirm.

  • Where all is a sample delivered?

    All over India.

  • Are samples chargeable?

    Samples for some products require a refundable deposit to ensure only serious buyers are requesting samples.

  • Why does XSTOK ask for sample deposit (for HT and apparels)?

    Many of our buyers request samples each time when we present a new stocklot. Unfortunately the quantity of samples which the factory provide to us are always so limited that we cannot satisfy the needs of all buyers. Thus, we ask for a nominal sample charge, only to ensure that prospective enquiries for our products are of genuine interest. In addition, the full sample charge will be refunded when you close the deal with us or return the samples to us within the specified time.

  • Is it refundable?

    Absolutely. We'll refund the sampling charge to you after you have returned the samples.

  • How long do I get to keep a sample?

    Generally samples can be kept for 2-3 working days. If you need extra time, please reach out to your account manager.

  • What sizes are the product samples?

    Swatches vary in size. Generally our swatches are 10" x 8" but they may be cut as small as 2" x 4" - Apparel sample Home textile products, Apparels (single product is dispatched as a sample).

  • Who bears transit/shipping charges?

    XSTOK bears all the shipping charges.

  • Where can I inquire if I don't receive a sample? or Call: 02266291000.