Tales of traditional Indian Textiles! – North East

Introduction Due to its inherent strength for skilled work force and locally available raw materials, the textile industry of North East India, since generations, is known for the production of intricate fabrics. Arunachal Pradesh The state of Arunachal Pradesh is an exotic collection of socio-cultural life that blends many types of cultures and traditions. Weaving among the people of Arunachal Pradesh is as old as the story itself. Cotton is widely used in this state in almost every type of attire. Color and design have symbolic meaning among some of the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. Certain clothes and ornaments are often associated with a family’s social position and achievements, in the fields of hospitality and war. Shawls, skirts, wraps and lungis are the fashion favorites here. With 26 distinct tribes and over 100 sub-tribes, the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh are Adi, Aka, Galo, Nyishi, Apatani, Bori, Tagnis and Bokar….